Golden Deer

Creations and Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Golden deer creations and entertainment Pvt Ltd is an Kolkata based private company started in the year 2017 with the motive to entertain people. Golden deer is putting its efforts to engage people with various kinds of events such as musical events, dance, motivational speeches etc.. They are striving to incorporate creativity to provide unique experiences to the audience.

Golden Deer is in to a business of providing entertainment and creating experiences, who possess a strong team who has a passion for events. They are also assisted with a strong technical support, who along with partners generate innovative ideas.

The goal of the company is to ensure quality and grandeur in the events by following the objectives:

Cultural adherence:

By adhering to the traditions and customs of different cultures it will organise the events accordingly.

Social Responsibility:

Today's generation is unaware of various classical events, it is our responsibility to educate them. Golden Deer took it as an initiative and started promoting classical music and dance by conducting events across India.

Connecting People:

Conducting events across India will bring people together and they will become familiar to the different cultures and traditions.

De stress and Add Smile:

Events are conducted to provide entertainment. In this modern world people are in need of stress free life. Entertainment relieves stress for some time. They are coming up with extravagant and mesmerizing events like "Music Oceania" to create magic with the music.